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Method and System of Coupling Real World into Virtual Word Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206529D
Publication Date: 2011-Apr-29
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This invention is a novel method and system mainly to deal with issues of 3D modeling for virtual world server by: a)Map real world into virtual world b)Support interaction between real world and virtual world

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Method and System of Coupling Real World into Virtual Word

Currently, virtual world is more and more popular and is changing people's daily work and life.

But it's very hard to make 3D models. Current approaches include:
a) Build 3D models from scratch in 3D modeling tools
b) Scan real objects to 3D models
So we design a system of coupling real world into virtual word, it does not need model the 3D objects and you can control the real objects

in the system. Our approach is to capture images from well-predefined cameras in real world, render viewport projection from the images, map the projection into virtual world and interaction w/ the real object in the virtual world which will also involve real world.

This solution can be illustrated by the system framework shown in Figure 1.

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Figure 1: Framework of the system.

The key components of the disclosured system are respectively:

1, Camera Selector

2, Motion Controller


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    3, Image Synthesizer
4, Click Collector
5, Logic Processor
6, Scene Rendering
These components will be discussed in detail.

The system has two subsystems: render viewport projection and interaction with real objects.

   Figure2 is the process of rendering viewport project. When an avatar navigates in the virtual world, it can see a render image based on its position. The subsystem of rendering viewport project is to give the image. First, the virtual world client gets current position and vi...