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Computer Rack with Integrated LiftTool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206880D
Publication Date: 2011-May-12
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Disclosed is a design for a computer rack with an integrated lift tool.

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Computer Rack with Integrated LiftTool

Adding components that weigh over 70 pounds to a computer rack requires a tool to lift the component into position. The lift tools that are available today are large, bulky and expensive. These tools need to be shipped to the customer's site and require two field engineers to rig up the frame. This causes delays and added expense installing heavy components.

The disclosed design integrates a low cost lift tool into the top of the rack. The integrated lift tool needs only one field engineer to install components

Figure 1: The lift tool in top of the rack looks and functions as a normal rack.

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Figure 2: When the lift tool is needed, the field engineer slides out the front top section of the rack and lowers the hook with a ratchet or crank. The extended top section contains an integral winch mechanism.


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Figure 3: The integral winch mechanism consists of a cable spindle located on a long hex or square bar. The cable spindle/hook can be located in multiple positions, left or right of center, for flexibility in placing components in the rack.

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