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Prime Framework Disclosure Number: IPCOM000206903D
Publication Date: 2011-May-13
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There is rare a Flex frameworks designed in MVC and IOC pattern, and even existing one has many problems. This invention provides a framework which is not only designed in MVC and IOC, but also supports many other novelty features. The purpose of this invention is to provide a framework and tools for building a reusable, flexible, testable, reliable flex system with high usability and efficiency.

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Prime Framework

Disclosed is a framework for scalable and ordered rich internet application development base on Adobe flex technology.

There is a rare flex application framework design in MVC and IOC pattern, and even existing one has many problems.Prime is a framework which is designed to clear those problems.

At those famous flex frameworks, such as Cairngorm, PureMVC and Swiz, configuration of application is hard coded. It leads to application is difficult to extend and reuse. Therefore, Inversion of Control(IoC) is necessary. Usually IoC configuration is stored in plain text such as XML, how to avoid those data be exposed and served as plain/xml is an issue. Prime provides a solution to solve this problem.

And, protocol-dependence is a common failing of most frameworks. Those applications encapsulate the protocol details of interprocess communication, it can be difficult to update system when protocols change. It is easy to build protocol independence into every aspect of application with Prime.

Versus MXML Script blocks and Code Behind, Prime adopts actions classes design to help you to maintain your business logic tier highly decoupled from your

presentation logic tier.

In addition, Prime provides other features such as built-in national language support, all kinds of utilities and affiliated development tool.

Prime is connected with others java frameworks or package, like Struts2, BlazeDS, WebSphere Web2.0 Feature pack, Seasar2 or any customized servlets....