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System and method for looking at and self booking resources from a 2D-barcode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207145D
Publication Date: 2011-May-18
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In any environment where we can face a constrained resource (meeting room, restaurant table, cinema place, equipment, car rental... that are associated to a reservation database and process), a user may want to book such resource for any period of time, with neither a computer nor a reservation process knowledge. A 2D-barcode and a smartphone can deliver this self service.

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System and method for looking at and self booking resources from a 2D-barcode


    A system and method for a user equipped with a smartphone or a similar device to self manage a constrained resource being identified by a barcode linking to the resource agenda of the said resource, assuming the resource owner authorizes such a process and has put in place a 2D-barcode and an agenda linked to the said resource.


    In our world, most constrained resources (meeting room, restaurant table, cinema place, equipment, car rental...) can be either manually booked or electronically booked with a computer over the internet, which means that the user has to use a computer, to know the address (URL) of the resource agenda (capacity, time, duration, additional information...) and the process to book (un-book or change a previous reservation) the said resource.

    Such an approach does not meet a user expectation when the user is just in front of the resource itself and wants to immediately take a reservation action.

    Disclosed in a system and method where the user who needs a direct access to the resource agenda (agenda being widely defined as the possibility to allocate part - e.g. a seat, a table... - or all of the said resource to one or several persons for one or many periods of time, for free, a price or a fee) can execute the desired action (view, book, un-book, change, edit, forward, print...) without being made aware of any specific process for the said action.

    To do so, a barcode, preferably a 2D-barcode or a similar image that can be flashed or scanned by a camera (mostly a smartphone camera, but it can also be any...