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Deposilk Silky Skin Whitening Cream Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207165D
Publication Date: 2011-May-18
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Silky Skin Whitening Cream with Deposilk™ Q1 Polymer

Formulation No. S006

The Silky Skin Whitening Cream with Deposilk™ Q1 Polymer formulation provides formulators with an illus- tration of Deposilk Q1 Polymers' ability to provide ex- ceptional anti-aging and skin whitening benefits and excellent silky, smooth feel through a basic formulation. In this instance, Deposilk Q1 Polymer is able to improve the retention of both silicone as well as ascorbic acid, thereby improving skin whitening benefits as well as feel and skin conditioning. The simplicity of this formu- lation provides formulators with a starting point from which to craft products delivering their unique value proposition to consumers.

The adjacent graphs are representative of the retention performance of Deposilk Q1 Polymer within in-vitro wash-off tests. Silicone testing was performed on a ver- sion of this formulation not containing ascorbic acid. Erythorbic acid testing was used as a proxy for ascorbic acid; erythorbic acid is an isomer of ascorbic acid and was tested on a version of this formulation not contain- ing silicone. Please contact Air Products for further de- tails concerning these tests.

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Trade Name, Supplier % W/W Function

Phase A

Water 90.9 Diluent

Deposilk Q1 Polymer
Air Products 1.6

Deposition and Sensory


Ascorbic Acid
Ascorbic Acid 0.5

Anti-Aging Active

Phase B

Octyl Methoxycinnamate
Uvinul® MC80, BASF 1.0 Oil

Cetearyl Alcohol
Crodacol® 1618, Croda 5.5 Stabilizer Ceteareth-25
Cremaphor® A25, BASF 0.5 Emulsifier

Phase C

Dimethiconol (and) TEA- Dodecylbenzene-Sulfonate DC® 1784 Emulsion,
Dow Corning

1.0 Emollient

DMDM Hydantoin (and) Iodopro- p...