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Method to increase Pt concentration in ultra-thin NiPt silicide films

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207309D
Publication Date: 2011-May-25
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A method to increase Pt alloy concentration in the deposited Ni silicide film more than the NiPt target alloy composition is described. Increasing Pt alloy concentration in Ni silicide enhances the thermal stability of the film.

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Method to increase Pt concentration in ultra -thin NiPt silicide films

The invention claims methods to increase Pt concentration in ultra-thin silicide films by either using a very low temperature silicide formation process or simply use the non uniform intermixing between metal and Si susbtarte that occurs upon deposition . The method demonstrated that using a NiPt(x)% target composition, the Pt concentration within the silicide film can be varied from x up to 3x % depending on the formation anneal temperature. The disclosed method can control Pt concentration in the silicide film for first anneal temperature ranging from room temperature (no anneal) to 300C. The conventional Ni silicide formation temperatures typically range from 300C to 500C. The invention provides a low cost solution for increasing stability in ultra-thin Ni silicide films.