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System and process to gather consumer feedback linked to replenishment and rain check system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207351D
Publication Date: 2011-May-26
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Disclosed is an automated system with a computer-based user interface which allows shoppers to communicate in real-time with retail buyers regarding merchandising problems or their opinions. For out of stock items, the system also automatically generates rain checks for out of stock items, without needing intervention from store personnel, or directs the customer to a web-based ordering system through which the items can be purchased.

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System and process to gather consumer feedback linked to replenishment and rain check system.

An automated method is needed which would allow a customer to provide immediate feedback or real-time notification to store buyers regarding:
• Brands or merchandise that they would like to buy but are not carried by the store

• Out-of-stock items

In addition, this capability should be combined an automated method through which a customer receives "rain check" vouchers (i.e., without store personnel intervention).

The disclosed invention is a system that gathers immediate feedback from shoppers on products that are either not carried by the store or are out of stock, and provides that information to the corporate buying staff for future buying and stocking decisions. The system provides out of stock information to the store in real-time and automatically generates a rain check without store personnel intervention. The system uses the information to link a consumer to a web-based ordering system to allow the user to purchase an out of stock item without store personnel intervention.

In addition, the automated system provides a computer based user interface or an interface through a personal digital assistant (PDA) device as a means for the consumer to provide feedback to the store at the time of their shopping experience. Feedback could be related to:
• Specific product brands that were desired but are not carried by the store
• Specific size/weight of products that...