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Mapping Lean Metrics and Constructs to Virtual Software Factories Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207364D
Publication Date: 2011-May-27
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A method and system for mapping lean metrics and constructs to software delivery organizations is disclosed.

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Mapping Lean Metrics and Constructs to Virtual Software Factories

Disclosed is a method and system for a software delivery organization to extract additional value from their global delivery capabilities and provide a proven path to higher maturities. The method and system disclosed herein addresses enhancement, maintenance, and new development processes in the software delivery organization. In order to provide the proven path to higher maturities, Application Factory Lean Sigma approach is used. The Application Factory Lean Sigma will provide accelerators across the entire software Development lifecycle to work towards full optimization.

The Application Factory provides support for all Lean Sigma activities (e.g. DMAIC, DMADV), from definition and analysis through measurement, implementation and control. The measurements generated from Application Factory's automatic measurements engine provides information to assist in definition and in measurements and analysis. The Application Factory provides a "live laboratory" to implement and deploy improvements. Most importantly, the Application Factory provides the infrastructure and information to control and improve the changes made. An important capability of the Application Factory is that it can accelerate the necessary organizational commitment and learning required to sustain Lean Sigma improvements. The Application Factory work packets capture the accumulated learning in their references and normative guidance and the acknowledgement of each work packet by the practitioner drives the change commitment deep into the organization thereby improving the depth and breadth of the Lean Sigma Transformation. In addition, the work packet enables the implementation of accelerated technology and best practices adoption as those tools and practices are instantiated in each work packet.

The Application Factory takes a comprehensive approach to automating delivery and providing reusable components that address many of the central tenets of Lean Sigma management. The Application Factory core tooling and its associated tool suite represent significant accelerators of specific functions in software development. The work packet specifies the detailed task list and training required to perform the lean delivery of one or more steps in an assembly line and/or a job shop. Together, these core elements of the Application Factory represent a "machining" of a service process that enables support for Lean Sigma and the supporting measurements.

The process of work packet definition provides opportunity to streamline the process. Work packets also assist in process re-design by providing a communication vehicle for testing optimizations in live systems with immediate data feedback. The work packets provide a value stream map with data to provide clients with portfolio management views of actual projects to decide on strategic initiatives and to determine the expected impact/cost. Application Factory work...