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Power cable within corrosion resistant coiled tubing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207555D
Publication Date: 2011-May-31

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When installing ESP equipment is sometimes desirable to suspend the pump on coiled tubing which has a power cable within it. Currently to produce such cable within tubing, the tubing is manufactured and laid out straight for several thousand feet, then the cable is towed into the tubing. Some manufacturers utilize anchors to a fix the cable at intervals to the tubing to ensure that the cable does not slip. The internal diameter of the tubing must be significantly larger than the outside diameter of the cable to minimize towing forces and to allow for anchors. The length of such coiled tubing/cable assemblies is limited to something less than desired by the towing forces involved which (in long lengths) may exceed the tensile strength of the cable. These problems could be minimized by inserting the cable into the tubing as it is being manufactured by laser welding. Corrosion resistant alloys such as lean duplex stainless steels can be utilized in this method which are desired in certain corrosive environments. Since the tubing is being formed over the cable no towing is involved and any length can be manufactured. It is no longer necessary to lay the tubing out straight, which reduces the amount of equipment required and associated costs of transportation and mobilization. Smaller tubing can be used, reducing costs. The tubing can be swaged snugly against the cable assuring that it will not slip.