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Smarter Threads Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207576D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-02
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Smarter Threads is an email technology that dynamically manages the size of an active mail thread. Based on user preferences, the Smarter Threads technology adjusts the size of a new message in a thread before sending it.

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Smarter Threads

Disclosed is a technology that dynamically manages the size of an email thread. Background

    Many organizations impose a size limit on their users' mailboxes whereby each user may be required to keep the size of the mailbox below a strict limit. Mailbox limits can be easily reached because of file attachments and large mail threads. While it is relatively easy to manage file attachments, the only way to manage threads is to manually edit or delete each one. This management process usually consists of two steps:

Replying to an active thread - before sending a new message in the active


thread, the user examines the thread to determine which messages within the thread can be deleted.

Housekeeping dormant threads - the user's mailbox might already have multiple


messages that contain identical parts of a thread; the user manually compares and edits each message to retain the thread in its most concise and effective form.


    When a user sends a reply to a thread, the Smarter Threads technology is triggered. The technology prevents the message from being sent until it has processed the message according to the user's preference for the size of mail threads. If the outgoing message exceeds the user's predetermined size limit, the Smarter Threads technology dynamically reduces the size of the message before sending it.

The following programmatic logic is applied to the message:
1. if the message contains other messages (that is, if it is an em...