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Focus Area[Mobile And Wireless Networking ] - System and Method for Shared Device Content Retrieval and Storage Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207665D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-09
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Disclosed is a method to allow a parent to download and test an application that thier child wish to download to their smart phone, and to decide if to trasfer it/allow the child o download it to their smart phone.

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Today there are many software tools to allow people to sync their mobile devices

with mail,

calendar, contacts, and ToDo items. .

In addition most of these devices can be used to download applications/


The problem is that today a parent cannot monitor what their children are downloading.

There is no option to use a smart phone/device as a "mini" sync server on the parent device, performing the download and "approves" the syncs with the trusted devices(children).

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Device specific applications such as "bump" allows mobile users to transfer information between phones.


iPhone OS 3.0's parental controls to assuage some app submission woes? article
Here's something that should help Trent reach a level of moderate contentment.

Although we already knew that Apple was expanding its parental controls with

iPhone OS 3.0 into the realm of TV shows, movies and App Store apps, a report today about the rejection of Makayama's Newspaper(s) app provides a good example at the ramifications of such alterations.

According to

                                       iLounge , it was rejected due to a picture of a topless woman under the section for UK-based tabloid

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The Sun . The accompanying letter suggested a resubmission once 3.0 (and subsequently the parental controls) go public,

which we take to mean that the

questionable content will suddenly be okay for the App Store once it's behind the appropriate age gate. We won't know for sure until everything falls into place, but sounds like this is one part of the submission approval process that'll soon end up much less frustrating for developers.


applications on the Apple and Droid marketplaces. None of these options allow for after the download preview and approval as suggested by our disclosure.

  The novelty and advantage of u...