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Method and system to consolidate the image-based server provisioning through a common image metamodel Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207872D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-14
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This article describes a converging metamodel for all images regardless of the nature of the platform they've been captured from (physical or virtual), boot server technology or hypervisor platform.

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Method and system to consolidate the image -based server provisioning through a common image metamodel

Disclosed is a process for describing a converging meta-model for all images regardless of the platform from which the images have been captured from (for example, physical or virtual), boot server technology or hypervisor platform.

In an image based server provisioning, traditional capture and deploy methods using boot servers or other dedicated technologies have long provided a fundamental role. Emergence of virtualization technologies has caused new approaches to surface. A lack of cohesion between physical server management and virtual-based server management typically leads to difficulties when crossing platform boundaries.

Using a converging meta-model of the disclosed process provides a layer of abstraction making the boundaries between platforms transparent. The applicability domain will include (but is not limited to) server consolidation (images captured from physical servers can be deployed in virtualized environments), cross platform deployments and image migration.


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An image library is a centralized repository of images. Each entry in the library (image) is described by both hardware specifications and software specifications, which control server deployment and configuration. Hardware and software configurations are used as templates, which can be instantiated at deployment time. Images associated with the templates are called master images and are used as a


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base for deplo

is fully configurable, distinct servers can be created with each respective deployment. Each representation of the image state and content is provided using the combination of hardware and software metadata. Typically software images captured using a boot server are deployed on an existing physical server, but since hardware resource information was stored in the master image during capture, the master image can also be deployed in a virtualized infrastructure, where hardware metadata is used to create a virtual machine container and a software stack is used to deploy the software image.

The meta-model of the disclosed process comprises components including a template describing a hardware resource requirement. The type of resources (CPU, memory, disk, etc) and intended quantity are mandatory attributes of the hardware resource requirement. An actual hardware configuration can be defined at deployment tim...