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Self Checkout Automatic Flip Basket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207946D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-16
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Disclosed is a pedal-driven mechanism to provide a shopper at a self-checkout point of sale station a basket in which to place their items.

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Self Checkout Automatic Flip Basket

Often, a customer goes into retail store to pick up only one item, so they do not use a shopping basket. Going through the store, they pick up several other items, and as they approach the self-checkout point of sale (POS) station, their hands and arms are full. At that station, there is no place to set the items so that they can scan them; the counter space provided is too small for the number of items the customer now has. A better method is needed at the self POS station to accommodate a customer with a large number of items.

The disclosed invention is a basket system for holding multiple items. The system is designed such that items will not fall off a check out counter because the customer can pile them in the basket. The basket can be made of pliable or non-pliable material so that it has the ability to fold down depending on the space/customer needs. Driven by a foot pedal, the basket is retractable so that it is not in the way when not in use. When the customer's hands/arms are full, the foot pedal allows hands-free access to the basket.

The process for utilizing the system follows:
1. Customer walks up to the self-checkout station
2. Customer presses the foot pedal to release the basket
3. The mechanism raises up, drops down, or swivels the basket into place so that customer can place their items into the basket

4. The mechanism retracts the basket via the foot pedal (alternately, the customer can manually push the baske...