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Tsunami Mitigation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207962D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-16
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Sections of shoreline such as the water approach to a village or critical facilities or installations can be protected from tsunami wave fronts by employing one or more wave front energy vectoring or dissipation means, which include floating fins or vanes secured by cables to control their attitude and an anchor system. The floating fins can remain on the ocean floor or under the surface some safe distance until needed when then would be inflated and thus rise to the surface. The fins or vanes could direct the approaching tsunami wave front up against gravity and thereby dissipate its energy or forward momentum. The fins or vanes could direct the wave front down towards the floor of the ocean. The fins or vanes could direct the wave front in-plane and away from the region to be protected (ie, a costal village). The anchor means could de designed to remain stationary or move with great resistance. In addition, a series of obstacles (fins or vanes) could be constructed to allow some amount of wave front to pass, but pass in such a way that multiple wave fronts will destructively (according to Bragg's Law) add to diminish the forward wave momentum. This mode could also dynamically adjust the diffraction geometries so that the destructive interference would be best.

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Tsunami Mitigation

Tsunami control may be an important technology for the preservation of human life.

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A system is disclosed which dissipates tsunami wave energy in one of three ways: mode 1- absorbing the wave-front energy
mode 2- breaking up and vectoring the wave-front
mode 3- employing gravity to dissipate momentum

Figures 1 through 3 illustrate multiple mode 1 and 3 wave-front energy absorbing / expenditure embodiment of the invention. Please note, a spring (ie, Force-Deflection) means is contemplated but not shown (all embodiments). The value of the spring means could be to create a controlled deceleration of the tsunami wave-front. Each of the embodiments could be practiced in staged manner, for example, the primary stage anchor + cable + storage means could exists at some depth under the surface so as no to affect ocean traffic/commerce/recreation. Upon tsunami triggering, the storage means would release the tsunami wave-front energy absorbing/break-up/vectoring (which would float to surface).

Figure 1 illustrates an inflatable obstacle, which could inflate quickly upon triggering by a...