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Method for Detecting Portable Devices for Enabling Remote Connectivity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000207963D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-16
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It is a common activity for a user to control multiple systems from a single keyboard and mouse via a software interface. This invention is based around using an image input device on the remote system(s) to automatically read the local device info to configure the remote mouse/keyboard. This saves the user from having to configure the devices and allows for a workplace to be setup where any user with a mobile device (laptop phone etc) to be able to quickly access a desktop system.

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Method for Detecting Portable Devices for Enabling Remote Connectivity

A soft/hardware solution for allowing local/portable devices to simply enter an area where a remote/desktop system is located, meanwhile, the remote systems are polling for external systems to potentially control themselves via Bluetooth*. When a device is found via Bluetooth, the imaging device on the remote/desktop system will look for any mobile devices and read a bar code off the local/portable device. The remote/desktop system will then read an allowed hosts file and authenticate and configure itself to be controlled by the remote system if the device is in the list.


The local/portable and remote/desktop systems will be configured with a remote mouse & keyboard control software such as vnc, remote desktop, etc.

The remote/desktop has Bluetooth enabled, has a camera and is able to detect other devices.

The local/portable system is broadcasting a Bluetooth signal.

A remote/desktop system will poll the area using Bluetooth looking for any unknown devices. When a device is found it will trigger a camera or web camera to take a photo of the environment. Software on the remote/desktop system will then scan the photo looking for any readable bar codes visible on the device. If one is found it will be read which will provide a device look-up id. The remote/desktop system will then read a configuration file for registered mobile devices. If a match is found the remote/desktop system will read the user credential...