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Mechanism of creating fixed sized files and providing file wrapping at the file system level. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208041D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21

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The disclosure proposes a mechanism to create fixed sized files and implement file wrapping at the filesystem level. Although, many applications and utilities might be already acheiving the same purpose by wrappping file data at application level. But, it puts a lot of overhead on these applications; because it would essentially require maintaing some sorts of circular buffer to make sure that fixed size file always contains last-written data. Here, we are proposing a mechanism to handle it entirely in the Filesystem level. For a Fixed size file, when a write occurs beyond the "File size" ; the underlying Filesystem will take care of shifting data blocks to make room for new data. This is completely opaque to the application using fixed-size wrapfiles. Thereby, it helps in reducing the overhead of implementing the same at the users space.