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System and Method for Service Identification using Domain Signatures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208049D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21
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The service descriptions are important for identification of service through service discovery mechanism. The resultant set for a service discovery query is dependent on how good the service descriptions are available. The best match is found when the entire details of the service are exposed including the actual paremeters required for implementation, but service abstractions inhibit such an mechanism to exist. On the otherhand, deriving characteristics of service and its functionality from the service eco-system is not a trivial task due to lack of sources that reveal information about the service functionality. In this work we try to provide one such source of information which can be mined and utilized for deriving service descriptions along with its context information. The approach blends the utilization of the human knowledge and tagging of services and its functionality to learn service descriptions and provide a mechanism for utilizing these descriptions for service discovery.

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System and Method for Service Identification using Domain Signatures


    Service descriptions forms the limiting factor for service identification used for service discovery, similarity matching, domain merging, converting legacy applications into SOA application etc. The idea is to provide enhanced service descriptions without exposing the internals of a service such that Better recall and precision can be obtained when discovering services. Increase similarity when comparing services.Best case is when the complete internal details of the service are available

The best service description is when the functionality of a service can be presented by exposing the behavior (through models). But this violates the basic definition of the service, i.e., it

provides abstraction without exposing the internal details.

                                  In this work we provide a method to enrich the service description by domain signatures.

§ Definition: A unique sequence of functions, services or patterns (which in-turn are represented by a set of business objects, atomic or composite, relationships and interactions between them) that describes a specific functionality of a domain, with the following characteristics:


Each function/service has a functional description


Each function/service is a reduced-size copy of the domain signature




Signature for a banking transaction is '




followed b





Signature for credit card issuance is 'Check consumer details


Check validity for card


Check credit scoring


Issue card



§ Domain signature is a fingerprint in that it can be used to detect and identify the following aspects in SOA


    functional description of the services to provide better services matching during service identification


exact set of services for individual functionalities which increases the reusability and


    domain functionalities (what are the set of services required to be implemented for a specific domain and it...