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Personalized grouping of search results. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208053D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21
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A program is disclosed by which personalized search result category/ subcategory will be displayed in the Search Result page. These category and subcategory will be displayed based on the folder / subfolder created in the Favorites section of the browser. User can navigate from one category to another category in the search result page. As different web pages are stored in different Folders of the browser, so the software will calculate the definition of each and every folder /subfolder by text mining the stored web page contents in each folders and subfolders. Now based on the Folder definition the search results will be grouped automatically.

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Personalized grouping of search results .

User creates different Folder and Subfolder in Web browser's Favorites section. User saves different URLs (for future reference) in Different folders based on the appropriateness of the web page content. Based on Folder creation and URL storing pattern the software will calculate category of search pattern. Now the Search Results will be grouped based on the Favorites folder directory structure. This will help the user to find the appropriate search results very quickly.

Following diagram (Figure 1) talks about, how the user creates different Folder/ subfolder in Favorites section of any browser.

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Figure 1

Following diagram (Figure 2) talks about how the user can find search result category / subcategory in the search result page. These category/ subcategory depends on the content (URL) stored in different folder / subfolder of the Favorites section.


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Figure 2

Following diagram (Figure 3) talks about, the user has created some folders which are related to the current search requirement.

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Figure 3

Following diagram (Figure 4) talks about how the different search result category/ subcategory are displayed.


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Figure 4

Following diagram (Figure 5) describes the relationship be...