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Method and system to speed up forwarding of mails while maintaining the current context Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208055D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21
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Disclosed is a method to forward a mail quickly, without switching the current context. Today, many collaboration platforms have integrated messaging service with email service. Hence, the mail clients have an integrated list of contacts and buddies within a same application. The article includes a method to make use of the integration of the mail client with the messaging client in order to make the current email forwarding process more efficient.

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Method and system to speed up forwarding of mails while maintaining the current context

Typically a user forward mails to people who are already present in our messaging client's contact list. So the user can reuse these contacts in our daily mail activities.

The user can redefine the current process of forwarding a mail and make it faster and easier by taking advantage of the contact list already available in our integrated messenger. In order to forward a mail, user can just drag and drop the mail onto the intended recipient in the integrated contact list. That mail would be sent to that person's inbox without opening his/her chat window. Thus the user does not have to change the current context. This reduces the number of clicks\ steps involved in the current process and makes it faster. This also improves the user experience. Mails can be sent by dragging mails onto offline contacts as The well.

Forwarding a mail to multiple contacts:

Currently, in order to forward a mail to multiple people, user need to either enter all the recipient addresses or explicitly create a mailing group and use it.

With this method user can drag and drop a mail onto an already available contact group. This would forward that mail to all the contacts in that particular group in just one step. This could be really fast as compared to the current methods.

Forwarding multiple mails to a contact:

Many a times user come across a situation wherein the user would like to forward a bunch of mails at the same time eg. when the user need to share all the mails on a particular topic or while backing up mails to another account. Currently it is not possible to forward multiple mails as separate documents in one step. The user need to either open each mail and forward it individually or attach all the mails to be forwarded in a single document and send a combined mail. Multi forward can also be achieved by complicated procedures like creating filters or applying rules to a folder with a set of mails to be forwarded.

But these methods are inefficient and time consuming.

Using the proposed method, the user can select multiple mails and drag and drop them onto a contact\ contact group and they would be forwarded to those recipient(s) as separate mails.

Advantages of this method:
- It is quick, convenient and increases productivity - the user can forward a mail in just one second.
- It maintains the same context - the user don't have to open up the mail unnecessarily.

The online status of the recipient would also help us to know if he\she can access the mail immediately or not. This method would thus help in contextual collaboration.
- User doesn't have to remember the mail addresses when mail clients don't support directory lookup.
- Can forward a mail to multiple peopl...