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Delayed Opening Ball Seat with Expandable Sleeve Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208068D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21
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The existing delayed opening ball seat as shown in Fig 0 is essentially a supported extrudable ball seat below a reservoir of hydraulic fluid. Applied pressure above a ball on seat causes the pressure of the hydraulic oil in the reservoir to increase until a precision rupture disc bursts. The oil slowly bleeds through a special metering device, while the ball seat and support stroke downward within the housing. Near the end of the ball seat’s stroke, the supports open into a recession in the housing and the ball will pass through the extrudable seat at a very low pressure. The slowly escaping hydraulic oil allows ample time for the applied surface pressure to be reduced, practically eliminating the potential for significant hydraulic surge. The invention as shown in Fig 1 dramatically has simplified the existing design: 1. Eliminates the need for hydraulic oil thus eliminates the 350F operation temperature limit. 2. Eliminates the requirement for a rupture disk. 3. Easy to re-address. The invention simply has an expandable sleeve attached to the housing and a swage cone connected to the ball seat (see picture 1). When ball lands on ball seat the thick section of the expandable sleeve allows the ball to hold a high pressure to set other tools in the system. Once the design setting pressure is reached, the thick section expands and the cone along with the ball seat moves down to the thin wall section. At this moment a much lower pressure across the ball is required to swage the thin wall section and keep the seat moving slowly down. Collet instead of dogs can be used for the ball seat support in order to eliminate the malfunction due to the miss-alignment of dogs.

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