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Clear thin film document wallet for use with scanning systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208191D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-24

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Document scanners, such as those typically found in a Multifunction Printer (MFP) have two methods to scan documents. In one scenario, an original document is moved past a scanning head that is stationary in a Constant Velocity Transport (CVT) system. In another scenario, a platen glass is employed and the scanning head is moved across the original document to be scanned, where the original document is stationary on a platen glass. The platen glass method is usually employed for documents that cannot be accommodated by the CVT apparatus. This idea proposes the use of a clear or transparent "wallet" that can be used to allow small documents to be scanned using a CVT type scanner. The clear “wallet” would be made from a clear film folded at the lead edge with the items to be scanned placed between the two halves of the folded film. This would allow the user to be able to scan very small items like receipts or valuable and delicate documents directly through the CVT document handler. The material of the "wallet" would allow for adhesion to hold the receipt type items between the two transparent sheets. The leading edge of the "wallet" would be the sealed edge to provide a solid lead edge. The design is targeted to simplex (one sided) only scanning, as it would not reliably invert and duplex (side 2). If this “wallet” idea was available, it might be possible to eliminate the platen glass system from the MFP altogether.