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Pivoting document handler tray for increased capacity Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208193D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-24

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Copiers and Multifunction Printers (MFPs) have a document handler which feeds original documents through the scanner to capture the document image. For footprint considerations, many conventional document handlers use a fixed input tray located directly above the output restack location whereby sheets from the input stack are fed and transported around a 180 degree path for scanning and re-stacked. In the majority of paper trays the stack of media is elevated up to the feed roll mechanism via a pivoting lift plate. This mechanism is also sometimes used on document handlers with a paper capacity of over 100 sheets. In these document handlers the overall tray structure remains in a fixed position and a plate within the structure elevates the sheets into position for feeding. This idea proposes combining an input tray which does not have a separate elevate plate but pivots the entire tray assembly with a pivoting/adjustable exit paper path to accommodate larger sheet capacity within current space allocations. The entire tray assembly is supported at the furthest point on the tray away from the feeder to a structure at the rear of the document handler. The tray at the feeder end elevates from the very bottom of the module up to the feeding position. An adjustable (pivoting) exit paper path is linked to the tray as it elevates to maintain sufficient orientation and function for restacking. With a completely full input stack, there is little or no room under the tray but as the tray elevates as sheets are fed from the top, space is created under the tray to restack the sheets. This proposed arrangement has advantages of essentially doubling the capacity of the document handler within the same overall space allocation and improved operator access to the output stack.