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Drag & drop technique for creating multi-variable grid displays Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208195D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-24

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This idea proposes an improved method to create applications for multi-variable data entry that employ a grid style user interface. The idea is used to help make grid creation easier to implement via a flexible mechanism that allows application builders to “drag & drop” grid components as they build the grid. The proposal would allow “drag & drop” operations to build the grid, move the components into a different order, and delete components. The proposal includes a visual "drag & drop" method for selecting how enumerations are displayed in the grid-style user interface. An enumeration is dragged to the grid creation area where each of the enumerated values is used to automatically create a new column/row. The uniqueness is not the dragging of an element of one list to create a component of another, but rather in the automatic expansion of the enumeration to avoid tedious, manual creation of multiple columns/rows. This idea also allows the application creator an opportunity to experience a visual indication of how the grid will appear to the end user, in real time, as the application is created.