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Scaling of One-way bandwidth determination of a Cellular Automaton Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208303D
Publication Date: 2011-Jun-30

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Two-dimensional Cellular Automata such as Conway's game of life are a parallel universal computation model. Their implementation in hardware is obvious and has been considered an alternative to the currently dominating von-Neumann model, even though this is not done on a commercial level today. If it would be done on a large scale than the modular implementation of a larger cellular automaton distributed over several chips would require data transmission between the chips. The following method aims at reducing the data transfer across a chip-to-chip boundary by exploiting redundancies of the data needed by adjacent cells along the chip boundary. One can use a one-way or a two-way protocol. In the one-way protocol considered here, the sending side does not have information about the state of the receiving side and therefore has to send all information that could be needed. The method described there could be used also along the chip boundary but the computation effort would grow. Furthermore, the method described here will provide a closed formula for the required data.