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Mechanism to facilitate a user participating in multiple web conferences with audio\video Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208322D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-01
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Web conferencing with integrated audio\video capabilities has become a key tool used by enterprises across the globe. A common problem faced by users of these tools is they occasionally find themselves double booked and needing to participate in multiple meetings. A common example is a meeting conflict where someone has a secondary meeting where they only need to participate for a very small portion of the meeting e.g. a project status meeting where you only need to participate for 5 minutes to discuss your own groups status.

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Mechanism to facilitate a user participating in multiple web conferences with audio\video

The idea being proposed is as follows:
The user should join both web conferences including the audio\video portion.


Many solutions will automatically pause the audio

\video for a second call.

So now the user can focus on the call that is not on hold i.e. their primary

meeting but in the secondary meeting they should appear as paused but also in a multi-call state so that other users know they are participating in multiple calls. When they are needed in the second call then the user will be prompted and they

   can switch focus by pausing their primary call and activating the secondary call. The advantages of this approach are:

User can focus on a single meeting at a time


User can get advanced notice of when they will be needed on the second call


Other participants are aware that a user is in multiple calls


The time to involve someone into a second call is minimized


An implementation of this idea would work as follows:
John Doe joins two web conferences with audio


One of the calls gets paused and John focusses his attention on the other call

Participants in the second call can see that John is currently paused and is

focussed on another call

John has options to decide when he gets notified that he is needed in the


secondary call e.g.

If the call has a participant speaker list (like in SCRUM) he could get notified


when the person before him starts to sp...