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Filling Gasoline in a vehicle made easy through online reservation system and video analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000208545D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-12
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Disclosed is a system to purchase gasoline via an online reservation. The system incorporates a video analytics system to match the vehicle with the reservation and complete the transaction.

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Filling Gasoline in a vehicle made easy through online reservation system and video analytics

Today, filling a vehicle with gasoline from a gas station during harsh weather (e.g., severe cold or hot temperatures) requires the driver to step out of the car, answer all the questions that gas pumping machines require, provide the payment method, select the grade of the gasoline, and then pump it into the vehicle. The drawbacks to this scenario are:
• Reduced productivity by wasting time at the gas pump
• No customer satisfaction by exposing individuals in harsh weather for longer time
• Accidental selection of wrong grade at the gas pump which may damage the vehicle engine

This invention uses a reservation system which allows individuals to go online (i.e., via the Internet), reserve a grade of gasoline, provide the payment method and the vehicle information, and then go to a particular gas station where the vehicle is automatically recognized using video analytics and pump gasoline into the vehicle. The process for implementing the invention follows:
1. A user needs to fill up the gas tank on their vehicle
2. User goes to an online reservation system created for a particular retail gas station

3. User selects the location of the gas station
4. User provides:
a. Amount of gasoline needed
b. Vehicle identification (e.g., license plate number)
c. Payment method
5. The reservation system validates the payment method and waits for the transaction to be completed

6. Reservation system receives a notification/sale confirmation from the gas station
7. The individual vehicle arrives at the gas station...