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System and method for managing the life cycle of systems using Internet Messenger (IM) based approach Disclosure Number: IPCOM000209056D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-25
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Disclosed here is a system and method of performing life cycle management of the systems using Instant Messenger applications requiring minimal resources, providing convenient ways of working with systems leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices.

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System and method for managing the life cycle of systems using Internet Messenger (IM) based approach

In a huge network of any organization, large number of systems and servers are shared by various users that are spread across the globe. Also, systems that are located in a data center or lab are assigned to individual users / administrators who are responsible for maintenance of the same. There are management applications available that can allow administrators to monitor and manage systems. These management applications have certain disadvantages

 The existing interfaces are not intuitive when required to be used by hand-held devices like mobiles etc.
 These applications are sometimes pretty heavy-weight in terms of resources required if objective is to manage only few systems (10-15).
 There is no easy way as of now to intimate users about the expiry of passwords.
 There is no easy way to show systems for which a person is the primary administrator and/or sub administrator or a normal user. A person without logging in to login to management application.
 There is no easy way to intimate users about systems requiring their attention for certain key issues i.e. users have to login to the management application. Although event action plans exists but these are too generic and most of the time lack the flexibility of customization.
 The systems management applications lack to handle various events in the life cycle of the systems like assignment of the systems, reserving the systems, management of the systems by a group of people, active alerts to all the concerned and involved entities about the change in the state of the systems etc.

There is no easy interface provided to users for managing the systems they are responsible for maintenance. They either have to install heavy weight management application or go to those systems manually and maintain them.

Also, there is no easy way to manage the systems using a management application on mobile devices such as smart phones, due to constrained screen area and processing power of the device.

It will be very advantageous if user is provided with a management application whereby adding the systems is like adding buddies to an IM client. The systems managed by a specific administrator will be represented as buddies for providing easy alerting and management mechanism. This way of modeling and representing systems as buddies in an internet messenger application will make it much easier and convenient to work with these systems on mobile devices.

There exists prior arts which talks about treating the systems as buddies in an instant messenger application ( . The systems represented as buddies are also configured to give some prerecorded or automatic responses on buddy request and conversations.

However the prior art fails to bring out how to manage the access and assignment for the


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systems. They also...