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My Smart Contacts List Disclosure Number: IPCOM000209059D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-25
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Disclosed is a method for generating a smart and dynamic contacts list for most frequently used contacts in a mobile communication device. The method proposes to use multiple parameters to analyze the call patterns of an individual and based on the parameters, the method proposes to create a dynamic favourites list on the mobile communication device. The parameters to be used primarily involve but are not limited to the frequency of calls made to a particular number and the time duration for each call.

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My Smart Contacts List

Currently, the favorite list in a mobile phone has serious limitations:
- The list is stale and static.
- The list never takes into account the actual usage.
- User could end up creating a list which can be outdated unless he/she updates it regularly.
- The list might end up having contacts which for all you know you would never used.

The proposed method creates dynamic favorites; the list would be dynamically populated based on the weighted contacts. The mechanism to weigh the contacts can also be configured to suite the users need.

The solution would have the following components:

 Configuration Setter  Configuration Seeker  Ranking Algorithm
 List Creator

Configuration Setter:

This component will allow the user to configure all settings which would be used to weigh the contact usage. The required parameters to be provided would be:

- Time window:-

o Time widow would be used akin to a sliding time frame starting from the current

      time and would allow the user to decide upto what time he/she wants the time frame to be considered for analyzing the call pattern.
- Size of the list:-

o Size of the list would be used to decide top(n) weighted contacts that the list will

- Threshold Value of Call Duration:-

o To avoid getting wrong numbers and wrongly dialed numbers to be considered in

      the processing, the user can decide the threshold value of the calls to be monitored.
- Barred Numbers List:-

o Calls made to the numbers in this list...