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An intelligent content oriented method to filter mails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000209144D
Publication Date: 2011-Jul-29
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It is a method to smart filter the mails and mark as read or unread for RE or FW prefix of the mail subject. Because the mail owner is no need to read the duplicated content one by one based on the method, it will let mail owner shorten the reading time and remove the mails flexibly based on the will of mail owner without reading.

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An intelligent content oriented method to filter mails

Disclosed is a thought which helps to smart filter mail as read or unread.

As we know, we need to handle many mails during daily routines. The mails are mainly routines and we need to reador reply many mails. In most situations, there are many replied or forwarded mails to read one by one even if there are relative and mostcontents of mails are duplicated. So, there is a method to mark the appropriate mail as read. Then it can be flexible for the user in case to read all replying or forwarded mails one by one.

For the method, it is very useful to the user who has the habit to read the mail from bottom to top. And the method will determine which unread mails are covered by the current reading mail according to the subject, timestamp and sender and remove the unread message flag of the unread mail.

For example, one scenario for notes mail:

1. Open the mail box to read mails firstly.

2. Go through the mail list and select one latest mail which prefix including RE or FW

3. Read all the contents including the collapsed parts in the mail.

4. Extract the parameters such as the subject, timestamp and sender from the collapsed part in the mail

5. Compare these parameters with the other mails whose flag is unread in mailbox.

6. Remove the unread message flag for the unread mail if the parameters of the unread mail are same to the extracted parameter


Please refer to the below drawing (Figure 1) for details.

Figure 1...