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Integrated Coreless Generator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000209231D
Publication Date: 2011-Aug-01
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This design utilizes an iron-coreless motor with more than the typical three phases, and have an integrated diode rectifier for DC power generation. An iron-coreless motor utilizing a printed circuit board for the stator winding provides improved regulation while maintaining simple manufacturing, providing a low-cost solution.

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Integrated Coreless Generator

Alternators are electromechanical devices that convert mechanical energy into alternating current electrical energy.  Alternators are used in on- and off-road equipment to charge the battery and power the electrical system when the engine is running.  A set of output recitifiers is used to convert the alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).  Lundell alternators with integrated output rectifiers are typically used in on-and off-road equipment.  Lundell alternators have the field north and south poles energized by a single winding.  However, Lundell alternators are, like all non-permanent magnet machines, relatively large volumetrically and gravimetrically.  The maximum alternator output is limited by heating of the rotor and stator windings and by magnetic saturation of the machine.  Load regulation is the tendency of the output voltage to change with the load.  Because the output voltage of the machines tends to change with load, the efficiency of Lundell alternators is typically about 40 to 55% .  Therefore,, as vehicles require more power, the Lundell alternator may not able to continue providing sufficient output to meet the growing needs. 

Traditional coreless motors focus on 3-phase units, without the combination of diode rectification.  The present invention design would utilize an iron-coreless motor with more than the typical three phases, and have an integrated diode rectifier for DC power generation.  Use of multiple phases with an iron-coreless motor should help to overcome the load regulation typically seen with Lundell alternators.  In an iron-coreless motor, the phase inductance, and therefore the reactance of the machine is reduced over iron-core machines, such as Lundell alter...