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system and method to remove automatically from invitee's list of a meeting people when e-mail address is no more valid Disclosure Number: IPCOM000209385D
Publication Date: 2011-Aug-02
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Disclosed is a system and method to remove automatically from a meeting invitee list an invitee for whom an e-mail address is no longer valid.

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system and method to remove automatically from invitee 's list of a meeting people when e-mail address is no more valid


For business tracking, regular meetings, calls or conferences are organized to track, discuss and manage actions to be performed in all major companies. Such meetings are managed on a regular basis and scheduled in advance. Occasionally, such meetings can be regularly scheduled, well in advance, such as for an entire year. Access to some meetings can be secured, such as by passcode for a conference call meeting. Such facilities serve to secure confidential information that may be exchanged during the meeting. When some of the invitees leave a company, no system is presently available to at least inform the chair of the meeting to remove these people from the list and change access parameters to secure confidential information exchanged during the meeting.

The present system provides with a general and generic solution to the aforementioned drawbacks.

System and method description:

The proposed system intends to inform in automatic and online way chair of a specific confidential meeting of the removal from the company directory of an attendee. When the deletion is initiated, the system refers to a table relating meetings to associated attendees/chairpersons to inform them of this removal, and if asked, to remove automatically the people form the invitee's list.

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Figure 1 below is a schematic representation of the sy...