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Area Editable Ink/Toner Removal with Counterfeit Prevention Measures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211186D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26

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This idea proposes an image-wise laser induced toner ablation paper recovery methodology and device. The basic idea employs a device to remove ink/toner from a printed document, in specific areas, while employing counterfeit prevention usage of the device. The device identifies areas of the document that are to have their toner removed and couples this with an image analysis process to prevent counterfeiting activity, prior to the toner removal step. This is intended to reduce the likelihood that the document is being selectively erased as part of a counterfeiting scheme. The proposed process and device would selectively remove specified areas of a document’s toner or ink image. Since the device contains a counterfeit protection process, the counterfeit detection aspect of the system reduces the potential for abuse of the device.