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The 360 Workspace: next-generation collaboration experiences with intuitive interaction and immersive mixed-reality Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211187D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-26

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This proposal has a goal is to create the future of common workplace collaborations by utilizing emerging technologies and augmented reality techniques that enable an experience as close to face-to-face as possible. As technology rapidly advances, we envision that computerized applications will no longer be confined to one screen and one device, they will be so pervasive that are embedded with many surrounding physical objects. The proposed 360 Workspace is a portable “smart room” that provides a novel tele-presence conferencing experience that is more immersive and adaptable to individual user with intuitive widget-based interface. This “smart room” has surrounding walls that are digitally interactive (e.g. with multi-touch surface, gesture-based interface), and computerized applications and digital contents can be projected onto these surrounding walls. This “smart room” could be instantiated at home, at remote hotel room, or at airport waiting room, etc, via a certain trigger gesture after proper authentication.