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3D Micro-truss enabled thick electrodes for batteries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211208D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-27

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John Wang Tobias A. Schaedler Alan J. Jacobsen Ping Liu William Carter Jocely Hicks-Garner Christopher S. Roper


Our proposed cell is based on a unique, engineered and optimized solution to the challenge of fabricating thick electrode batteries and can be used with a wide variety of anode and cathode materials. Our proposed cell design is based on an architected three-dimensional (3-D) “micro-truss” current collector that is tailored to optimize electron and ion transport within the cell. Our proposed approach will increase the energy density of lithium ion batteries by reducing the mass and volume of inactive cell components without compromising power or cost. Micro-truss current collectors enable a >3X increase in battery electrode thickness, reducing inactive cell components by ~40% and enhancing battery performance.