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An Image Caching Method for Improving Performance in Virtual Machine Migration Scenario Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211244D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-29

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This inventation provides a solution on improving the virtual machine non-migration time performance in a virtulizated live migration scenario. The non-migration time is is the majority of virtual machine life time, so the solution can brings significant performance improvement while brings little overhead to migrating time. The solution is brings a in memory cache to each hypervisor server, which acts to cache the virtual machine image file, and communicates with remote NFS server. With the in memory cache, the hypervisor will prioritize virtual machine disk access to local in memory cache rather than remote NFS server. If the cache is big enough and has pre-fetch mechanism, mostly all disk access can occur locally. In migration time, the contents of in memory cache for the being migrated virtual machine will be migrated along with the virtual machine, hence brings little overhead to migration time.