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Method to form contacts sizes below the lithographic resolution for nanoelectromechanical switches Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211369D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-29

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The contact of a mechanical switch or relay is among the most critical parts and needs to be well controlled for a reliable operation. A common way of reducing the contact area of a switch consist in the formation of contact dimples in specific locations to create a small and well controlled contact size. The size of the dimple is usually defined with lithographic means and can therefore not offer contact size below the lithographic resolution. In the current invention, the contact area is formed between two circles of different radii. When brought into contact, the circles form a contact only in a small location in the centre, reducing therefore the effective contact area compared to a flat -flat contact of equal dimensions. The invention describes a way to form contacts with an effective contact area much smaller than the circle diameter.