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Card Integrity Test for RAS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211373D
Publication Date: 2011-Sep-29
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Disclosed is a diagnostic tool for detecting and preventing card edge connector damage

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Card edge connectors are a known industry reliability problem. The problem has become worse as contact sizes and normal forces have been dropping. These problems frequently show up in manufacturing, but they are impossible to diagnose in a manufacturing environment. This concept provides a simple and effective diagnostic tool to use in this case.

Figure 1 below shows a typical card edge contact system.


    A golden test card of identical stack thickness of production-level cards is fabricated using piezoelectric layers to capture force versus deflection data for every contact. Several golden test cards can be prepared to encompass the range of card thicknesses due to tolerance issues. The piezoelectric layer can be incorporated into the golden card via a typical lamination cycle.

    For this concept, the piezoelectric film can be incorporated into the layup stack in the lamination press or, alternatively, a thinner card can be fabricated and the piezoelectric films adhered to both sides using techniques known to those skilled in the art. Also, for this application, both the protective coat and mylar layer may optionally be removed as the required insulation will be present following assembly of the board. Real-time analytics can be performed on the data collected from the piezoelectric films in order to determine connector contact force variations.

Shown below in Figure 2 is the preferred embodiment of this concept. The piezoelectric sensors are incorporated in the...