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Ball Hit Range Detection and Reporting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211539D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-11
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Athletes love tools which can give them performance stats. Baseball players want to know how fast they pitched or how far they hit; golfers want to know how far their drive went. Imagine a pro basketball player honing his shot by measuring arc and spin.

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Ball Hit Range Detection and Reporting

This embodiment consists of the following claims:

o A generic RF (radio frequency) transmitter implanted in the ball. RF transmitters and receivers have become so inexpensive, lightweight, and resilient that it would be feasible even for each golf or tennis ball to contain an individual transmitter.
o An RF receiver implanted in the "bat" (club, glove, wristband).
o A user interface that talks to the receiver.
o A computation device, including a small memory chip, which saves and interprets data samples as described below.
o A computation device, which transmits data over network to a local central repository for data analysis and optimization.

o As with an RF access badge, contact/proximity between the transmitter and receiver (bat/club striking ball, pitcher winding up with ball in glove) activates the pair and associates them together. (That is, activation causes the receiver to register the generic RFID in the transmitter, even if it has never been seen before.)
o The transmitter and receiver "talk" for some amount of time in various embodiments,

=> The amount of time is predetermined
=> The sampling stops when the transmitter stops moving
=> The user can manually deactivate the sampling by interaction with the user

o The computation device interprets the samples, which may comprise distance and orientation at particular time intervals, and displays statistics of interest via the user interface. Various graphing and...