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System and methodology for deriving travel routes based on driving style(s) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211541D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-11
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Modern driving route recommendations are calculated using static and/or manually entered profile data and current traffic conditions such as traffic congestion and road construction, often leading to frustrating commutes if the driving conditions are not conducive to one's normal driving style. This is a system and method for dynamic calculation of routes given the observed driving behavior in various traffic conditions.

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System and methodology for deriving travel routes based on driving style (s)

Disclosed is a system and method that allows for dynamic calculation (and recalculation) of routes based on drivers' on road behavior. The on road behavior is the observed actions and reactions of the driver in various traffic conditions such as degree of traffic, profile of other vehicles on the roads, lane preference under various conditions, driving speed under various conditions, frequency of lane changes etc. and can be colloquially called as driving style. The driving style is different from a demographic profile or documented accident/citation history. This method includes observing driving style of a driver under various driving conditions, storing the said observations, using fuzzy logic to calculate routes that match driving style suitable for current driving conditions and recommending the said routes to the driver. The image below depicts the system:

This system has the following main components:

Data collection: A device can be used to record driving style of individuals by observing the driving behavior of the vehicle operator in various traffic


Analysis: Driving styles observed in data collection phase will be fed into the analysis component. This component will determine at least one alternate route between vehicles current location and desired destination.

Presentation: A user interface to represent the results of the analysis. It will display the recommende...