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Method and System for Targeted Real-time Collaborative Content Sharing across Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211548D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-11
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A method and system for targeted real-time collaborative content sharing across devices is disclosed.

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Method and System for Targeted Real -time Collaborative Content Sharing across Devices

At most events, there are numerous people recording those events with consumer Audio/Video (A/V) devices. Typically, each person has a different view and/or may record different portions of the event at different time periods. It may be possible that, while filming an event, one person may have recorded something at a better angle or during a time when another person took a break from recording or had a technical problem.

The method and system disclosed herein allows multiple users in a certain area to share, in real time, the footage they have taken of the same event and more specifically, of certain targets identified with a built-in sharing system based on peer-to-peer communication. Desired artifacts may be requested via manual or automatic selection, and shared images may be synchronized via timestamps, image recognition, and/or audio patterns.

To initialize sharing, multiple users within a certain range activate their A/V devices which allows for the discovery of other devices willing to share content. Additionally, a List of Desired Objects (LDO) associated with the other devices may also be obtained. The LDO specifies one or more objects desired by the other devices and may be related to an area, an object, a person, etc. If targeting other devices manually, a user may select desired devices to propagate the LDO on their A/V device for that session or for all sessions. If using automatic device targeting, the user may begin A/V capture and the user's device automatically propagates and adjusts the LDO according to what devices are prominent for a...