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Water Recycling in Tall Buildings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211557D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-11
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This system takes waste water from the upper stories of a building and uses an optical valve to separate out the solids from the waste water. The waste water is then passively filtered for other uses by utilizing the pressure built up using gravity over the distance of the column of water to force it through a filter membrane.

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Water Recycling in Tall Buildings

Large buildings generate correspondingly large amounts of waste water. Normally all waste water is sent back through the community waste treatment facility before getting reused. If some portion of this waste water is diverted and reused, the burden on the community system is diminished. Waste water streams are made up of gray water and water streams filled with solid waste. Various approaches exist in the art to reuse waste water. This approach minimizes the energy required to do so as well as provides a novel way to reclaim gray water that may exist in a waste water stream that contains solid waste.

Water reclaimed in the following manner could be used to water building landscape, run urinals and flush toilets. Adding sanitizers known in the art would allow more complete use of the resultant clean water.

This system is designed to take waste water from upper stories (or buildings higher on a hill), separate out the gray water (the water that doesn't have solid matter in it) and filter it through some type of membrane filter to provide cleaner water that can then be re-used for certain purposes. It takes advantage of gravity and the water pressure in a column to provide the required water pressure to force the water through the filter membrane. The system does not require any pumps to assist the cleaning function and depending on plumbing could be totally passive.


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1. The drain line in the upper stories...