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Questionnaire-based process of action authentication in social network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211589D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-13
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Disclosed is to provide a method to prevent from un-autherorised access to your social network account. To do this, a questionnaire based approach method is used. Whenever someone tries to add/post item to you social network, they will need to be able to answer a random and automaticaly selected question from the database, which contains a combination of pharses to from a question of the sender. Once the correct answer is provided. The sender will be able to add/post item to your social network.

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Questionnaire-based process of action authentication in social network

1. Background: The problem we like to solve is, among the friends that are linked or non-linked to you on the social networks, it is difficult to determine if a friend that you add is a spammer. This is because these spammers will start to posting unwanted/offended materials once after they are in your friendship circle.

     The existing solution to solve this is by blocking the spammers or reporting them to the service provider after the unwanted/offended materials are being posted. However, this does not resolve the root cause, as these spammer can create another new accounts and perform the same actions over and over again.

     2. Description of the Disclosure : The concept of our idea is to provide a process to automatically generating a set of questionnaires, which is used whenever there is action (posting/messaging/tagging) triggered from a linked or non-linked friend account to you account.

     The advantage of this solution is, the unwanted/offended messages/media will not posted to your status page (wall/follower) before a correct answer is given to the automatically generated question. This will help to increase spammer prevention and kids Internet safety on the social networks.

     The process of automatically generating a variety of questionnaires can be described in the Figure 1 below. Basically, the process goes in the following order.

     Upon receiving a new action, the Social Network System randomly gets a "key" from the sender's personal information as the first step. The system then checks with the Phrase Data Table in the Database, to find a best matching phrase to use to form a question. When the best phrases are decided, the system then combine these phrases to form a question.