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Approaches to transfer web page or document based content to another application - by transforming content into XML Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211592D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-13
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The invention describes a way that users can easily store the selected browser content or any document based content. This solution requires a thoroughly understanding of user preferences for respective devices. It needs to integrate different platforms, fits all diversities, and we think our invention could provide a total solution at once. In this invention, it is not only convenient and reliable but also quick and easy to use. Accordingly, this invention may not be the blockbuster for integration, but it provides a great step forward for further thinking towards more cooperation.

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Approaches to transfer web page or document based content to another application - by transforming content into XML

    1. Background: When people want to preserve the web pages content they are browsing, the way that people always do is to copy the content, paste it manually to a word processor or some repositories then save it manually. They may lose track of their process and also it takes extra steps to copy/paste/save the content. Especially on a tab or phone, it takes extra steps to copied/paste the content in between application and additional steps will require for switching application.

    2. Description of the Invention: The goal of our invention is to solve above problems by decreasing manual efforts, increasing usability and flexibility.

    2.1Core idea: The core idea is to transform web pages or document based content into XML file through right click mouse or certain operation, it's needless to use keyboard to copy or paste it or to invoke other editor software manually. Then the background service transfers the XML to the target application/fields to perform actions. (ex: Save as a new document)

2.2 Benefits:

       1. Time saving: one background service can complete the desired tasks. Users don't have to switch screens/application manually and waiting time can be decreased.

       2. Flexibility: It can be deployed to different platforms, e.g. desktop, tablet, mobile phone, PDA, GPS…etc.

       3. Usability: It is extensible to transfer to any applications since the background service is transformed the selected content into XML and XML file can be applied to different usage easily.

       4. User friendly: Invoke the whole process through mouse or mouse click or screen touch, quite simple and straightforward for users.

       5. Seamless integration: The process is working in background is OS so that it won't interrupt the foreground tasks.

2.3 The following are basic steps of this idea:

       1. Before initializing the background service, users...