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System and method of attaching weather information to contacts of instant messageing client Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211598D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-13
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Disclosed is to automatically retrieve weather information based on contacts' location so that an instant messaging client user can have a view of the weather information in each of his or her friend's location, either by viewing weather icons next to friends' names or on an opened chatting window directly. This is extremely convenient if you plan to visit your friend and are just talking with him or her about it because this approach helps save time on tedious dialogues. Furthermore, this method is capable of raising business opportunities for sales people as they can uderstand customers' need at this point.

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System and method of attaching weather information to contacts of instant messageing client

    1. Background: Instant Messenger is one of the most important communication tool people use nowadays. Instant Messaging service nowadays becomes the most popular communication tool in people's daily work and lives. It is true that people may frequently chat with his or her friends in other regions through internet. It is also one of the prime sources people use to keep track of their friends' status. We believe Instant Messaging service can offer more of this information. Traditionally, users usually have to write/update their own status regularly. We think it will improve people's experience with Instant Messaging service if it can retrieve useful information like your contacts' local weather information automatically if he/she agrees to share it.

    Weather is the information and topic that you would probably use very often in your regular conversation. Rather than having to ask to get this information, weather information can be retrieved automatically and displayed on Instant Messaging contact or conversation panel. This information can be useful to start a conversation. For example if you see one of your friend's town is having a hail storm you might want to ask if he is okay, or if his car need insurance cover if you are a salesman of an insurance company. If you are visiting your friend soon the weather information can also be very useful.

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