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Method to select screen command target by movement direction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211765D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-17
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Disclosed is a method by which a user can more easily and accurately make selections on a touch screen. The invention is a system which detects touch screen or mouse cursor movement in the direction of a command and then provides arrows or lines to the command which the uses selects to activate the desired command.

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Method to select screen command target by movement direction

A method is needed which allows a user to select a touch command when they are a distance away from the command-select section of the screen. It would be helpful to the user if they could select a command without a lot a hand motion or movement to get to the command area.

One example of prior art (8/22/dfh), commands within a set circle diameter light up when the mouse arrow is close by. The tip of the arrow represents a circular selection area, and movement of the arrow tip lights up only the command wanted. One must get closer and closer to the command selection. The problem addressed by the prior art is the selection of a touch command on a touch screen in a dense command area. When a user presses the screen, they might trigger multiple buttons.

To solve this problem, a user should have a touch selection of a command area of the screen via a small movement toward, or in the direction of, the command. The user initiates a touch to a remote touch command on the screen by going a small distance in the direction of the command. The command to start this process is initiated at one point on the screen and arrows or lines emanate to the nearest set of commands a distance away on the screen. The user then selects the command they want to activate when they move their finger or mouse in the direction of the line or arrow pointing to or connected to the first action.

The process for implementing this solutio...