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System and Method to Detect and Limit Water Cooling Leak Damage in a Server System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211824D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-19
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Disclosed is a system to detect and limit water leaks in a server system that is cooled by water. The approach measures changes in the electrical properties of mesh jackets around the pipes. Changes in electrical properties could indicate water leakage and allow systems to be shut down in a timely manner in order to prevent damage.

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System and Method to Detect and Limit Water Cooling Leak Damage in a Server System

Server cooling demands and rising energy costs have made water cooling servers attractive. The major drawback is the damage due to leaks in the pipes that carry the water and the joints between the different components of the cooling system. Detecting leaks early and taking action to service the leak is critical to maintaining a water-cooled computing system.

The server management or rack management entity, such as the current generation Integrated Management Module (iMM) will be used to measure electrical changes in the water pipe jacket/mesh material.

In order to prevent damage to the system near a leak, the chassis manager can turn off the system, and potentially other systems in the rack which are below, or could be possibly damaged by dripping water, until the leak is serviced.

The observed change in electrical properties of the mesh jacket can be accomplished by doping the water with an electrolyte solution or using a material for the mesh construction that causes changes in resistance, capacitance, or other property that can be measured electrically by the management microprocessor. The management microprocessor and supporting electronics can run a small DC current or pulsed current and observe any changes from expected or observed measurements to detect moisture on the mesh.

Joints as well as straight piping can be coated after manufacturing with this mesh

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