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Automated Text Parsing Communication Routing System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000211865D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-21
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Disclosed are a system and method for communication routing based on the text parsed. The system determines through analytics the best contact and method for routing the communication, monitors the responsiveness of the primary contact to determine whether action has been taken, and reroutes communications to secondary contacts if no action is taken within a timeframe predetermined by the user or the system. The system utilizes both a parsing engine and an analytics engine to perform designation and rerouting tasks.

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Automated Text Parsing Communication Routing System

The main identified problems are the lack of automation in text parsing from various tools and the difficulty in communicating that information in an automated fashion to other individuals. The problems are depicted in the scenarios that follow. The technology of analytics has been augmented rapidly in the recent past and has opened the doors, enabling art to resolve the problems.

Scenario 1:

Jane is a rotating researcher and works with a global dynamic team. Her team members are not permanent. They continually get assigned to various research projects. In addition to little face-to-face or quality time allocated for Jane to know her teammates, the time zone difference makes it difficult to get to know her teammates' skills, strengths, and current assignments. On the other hand, Jane is under tremendous pressure to react to news feeds and research articles that she reads with a larger need to verify some of the facts in text with the subject matter expert of that topic in her team. Currently, Jane copies a part of the text in question into an email and sends it with her questions randomly to one of her teammates. That team member responds a few days later saying that he does not know this topic and perhaps Jake on the team would know. Jane sends an instant message to Jake to find out he is on vacation. She then schedules a meeting with Barry to again find out that Barry is not the right person. Jane finally creates a to-do for Cindy and puts a due date. Cindy is the appropriate person, and she notices the to-do and calls Jane and gives her the answer. Meanwhile, Jane has lost precious time.

Scenario 2:

John manages a development team in a medium-large sized company. He receives an email from an irate client asking for assistance with a very specific problem that is outside of John's team's scope. John currently does not know anyone in the company who could assist this client with this problem, so he starts sending notes to various contacts to ask if they know of someone who could assist the client and goes around in circles for a few days without any success. Finally John just responds back to the client advising him that he should go directly to the company's 1-800 number, given he does not know who to direct him to for assistance.

The novel idea is to utilize a parsing mechanism using natural language support or key words combined with an analytics applications to determine:

1. The context of the text being read in relation to the task at hand

2. The subject matter expert (SME)

3. The most appropriate method of contacting the SME for optimal speed and accuracy

Prior art related the disclosed invention is listed below. The key differentiator between the disclosed invention and most of the prior art is that the proposed invention focuses on the ability to parse text from various sources (e.g., websites, emails, etc.) and enable the end user to embed the parsed text in communicat...