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Apparatus for Ambient Temperature Voltage Generation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212035D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-26
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In a world looking for new energy sources that are both renewable and have a low environment impact, the idea described below depicts an apparatus that converts thermal energy into electricity based on an induced electromagnetic fields. The only prerequisite is the presence of a thermal gradient.

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Apparatus for Ambient Temperature Voltage Generation

This idea presents an apparatus that converts thermal energy into electricity at nominal temperatures in the presence of a thermal gradient. Alternative energy sources are currently being aggressively researched and pursued. Solar, wind, water, nuclear, and other renewable energy sources have been the primary focus of this research to date and are well documented and understood.

While these methods are showing promising advancements as energy sources, most of these efforts are to date; costly, inefficient, and in some cases contain environmentally unfriendly materials. Furthermore, some alternative energy sources produce pollutant by-products which make their use today controversial.

There are a number of reasons why an additional solution to those mentioned above:

1. The energy source should be inexpensive to manufacture

2. The energy source should not produce any polluting by-products

3. The energy source should be powered by available naturally occurring sources

The approach to this idea is unique in that well understood scientific principals are applied in a novel manner resulting in an energy source that is comprised of inexpensive materials which produces no harmful by-products. Additionally, the device can be engineered in such a way to minimize the amount of hazardous material contained in the device with non-recyclable components potentially biodegradable.

A closed system container containing pure water, a magnetic element(s), and a magnetic element suspension device are sealed at a very low pressure. Outside, a transformer is wound around the device and connected to a rectifying circuit and a energy storage device. A low temperature heat source at the base of the device causes the water in the container to boil rigorously. The kinetic energy of the boiling water is harvested to oscillate the magnetic element which in turn induces a current in the transformer due to the changing magnetic field. This current is rectified and stored in an appropriate charge storage device. Vapor released into the upper chamber of the device condenses in an increased volume and lower temperature. As long a temperature gradient is maintained between the upper and lower portions of the device, a small amount of electricity will be generated.

This device is an alternative approach to energy generation which requires very few materials with no polluting by-products that is also scalable and sustainable.

Figure 1 below details the apparatus and process steps of energy generation. Not shown is the subsequent rectifier circuitry which is trivial.


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Detail of Components

A. Container comprised of a low volume lower chamber and high volume upper chamber. Container is sealed in a low pressure.

B. Transformer comprised of magnet wire wrapped to an appropriate number of turns.

C. Strong rare earth magnet

D. Float or suspension apparatus for the magnet

E. Distilled or pure H2O

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