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Automated system and method for removing self from email CC list Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212073D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-27
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This concept is to implement an automated system to remove self from the list in the chain e-mail. A participant in a group email exchange may have several reasons for wanting to be excluded from future notes to that group. For example, an issue starts off with half a dozen points of discussion, each requiring input from a different subject matter expert. Once one SME has fully addressed his issue, he has no interest in the potentially-extensive continuation and conclusion of the note stream.

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Automated system and method for removing self from email CC list

The concept provides a mechanism for an email user to "opt out" of subsequent emails in a particular thread. The user experience consists of selecting an email in his client application and picking an option (right-click menu, button, menu bar, etc.) such as "Exclude me from future emails in this thread". The following options could be configurable as saved preferences, or adjusted via a wizard/dialog for each instance:

- Subsequent emails should be a) deleted, or b) automatically moved to [folder] and marked [read | unread | etc.]

- Search [ Inbox | All folders ] and apply filter to prior emails in this thread.

- Send a note to all recipients informing them that you are excluding yourself from future emails on this topic. [yes | no]

While the value of this design is apparent, the most obvious implementation approaches are infeasible. For instance, modifying the email exchange protocol to accept a specialized message type which will prune the requesting user from the delivery list of subsequent emails in the thread - this requires changes to widespread standards and buy-in from millions of established entities.

Detailed Description This approach involves only the mail client of the individual wishing to remove himself from the list. The implementation includes the following:

(1) The mail client constructs an identifying "fingerprint" of the email thread in question. This can be accomplished using a...