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Micro Blogging Auto Scheduler

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000212092D
Publication Date: 2011-Oct-28
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A method for automatically targeting customer base geographically with relative timezone accuracy

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Micro Blogging Auto Scheduler

-Over the past few years the culture of micro blogging has grown rapidly (Twitter for example) to encompass not just personal use, but also large international corporations that want a closer and more informal relationship with their customers. The problem that these large corporations have, is that their customer/interest base is scattered throughout the world and so as a result covers many different timezones. This is not normally a problem with traditional marketing media as it is often handled locally and engineered to suit the local customer base. However, with micro-blogging, in order to be as time-relevant as possible information is disseminated from a central source which is located in one particular timezone.

The problem then arises, if a corporate HQ micro-blogs in a GMT timezone at 5pm, this may be picked up by UK customers and read in a timely manner, but customers located in the USA may well miss the message being sent until the next day. Even then, the USA based customers would then have to rewind through hours worth of micro-blogs to find our message, something which customers would rarely do.

    So, the problem is, how to we ensure that our micro-blogs reach the majority of our most relevant customers when they are spread over numerous timezones and the customer base fluid with new people following our corporation every day?>

    We propose an agent which links to our microblogging site (such as Twitter) and regularly scans our base of followers, collating information from bios and there own location aware microblogs to deter...